Scrivener 1.1 will support the import of .odt documents if you are running Leopard.

It would be nice to be able to import Open Office/Libre Office documents into Scrivener on Windows. The specification of the open document format (.ODT) is freely available to anyone wishing to download it and there are a lot of people who use open office and it’s clones.

I have just bought Scrivener and so I have a lot of importing to do, currently I have to open Libre Office and export a document in .RTF before I can import it to Scrivener. This may not sound like much of an inconvenience but if you multiply it by over a hundred documents you see what a long and tiresome task it will be.

Keith, you might want to check your date…

I think I see what he’s talking about. I’m running 1.6. When I go to Import -> Files, .odt files are not a file type that can be selected in the Windows version.

I know it works, though. I think what I’ve done is drag a document file (from Windows Explorer) into Scrivener, and it imported it that way…

Nope… Just tested it. Even finding a .odt through Import -> Files, and having All Files selected doesn’t work. Dragging the file in, and doing this import give me the same result. It’s basically a link to the file.

Can someone else verify this? I know I’ve used it before. I remember asking about LibreOffice import because I was in the same boat. But I got it to work later.

Nothing wrong with Keith’s date. He was talking about version 1.1 for Mac, long before there was a Windows version.

Whoops, and here I thought he was talking about 1.1 Windows and something in the forum got screwed up.

The Mac version imports .ODT files the windows version doesn’t. I’m using the windows version.

Right. Adding ODT import to Windows something we’re working on providing support for, but it’s not a simple process, unfortunately. If you have a lot of files to convert out of ODT format for import, you might want to look for a program or online service for batch conversion.