Open on multiple machines error

When I move the folder from my Win7 laptop to my XP desktop, I always get the error telling me that the file appears to be open on multiple machines, and might cause corruption if I continue, yadda yadda yadda. grin

The thing is, I am always shutting the program down first on the laptop, then copying the entire .SCRIV folder (more precisely, the folder containing the .SCRIV folder) onto my portable drive, and from there to the XP machine, and then open the project file. Interestingly, I do NOT get the warning when I repeat this exact process (close, copy, move to laptop, open project) to get the new work to the laptop.

What precisely is causing this error? I know that I am closing the project before I move it - I NEVER move it until I am just about to shut down either machine, by which point Scrivener is closed.

You might not be giving Scrivener enough time to remove the in use lock before dragging it to your USB for transfer but that’s only a thought on what’s going on.

I wonder how long it takes to do it? I usually shut off Scrivener and then open up Windows Explorer, move to the proper directory, and then do a drag and drop. It takes a minute or more to get to the point where I’m ready to drag-and-drop.

So, this lock is just a file you can see in Explorer. It’s in the Files sub-directory. Thus you can monitor what is happening at each stage of the open-close-copy-copy-open sequence. I’d pay close attention to it and see what is happening.

user.lock, by chance?

Oh yes, sorry, that’s the one. :slight_smile:

Is that file getting removed when you close the project, and does it stay removed throughout the whole updating procedure during transit?

I’ll let you know on the Win7 machine, but having just closed it on the XP machine, I noticed that the file disappeared the second I closed the project.

Further note - found the culprit. It was hiding on my USB drive. A user.lock file from 11/4/11. It kept getting copied over. Why wasn’t the Win7 version of Scrivener complaining, though? That file was moving back and forth between machines.

Are you using the Windows’ merge folder way of updating projects? By that I mean are you dragging the .scriv folder from the USB drive onto the computer directly on top of an existing .scriv folder? That’s not the best way to update a project because merging is additive only; it won’t remove items that have been deleted while on the other machine. So ultimately things like synopses you deleted or snapshots you disposed of could end up resurfacing after a round-trip. That could also explain why a stuck user.lock file kept showing up again.

I admit that, yes, that is my way of backing up the projects. Part of it is that I’m trying to avoid a thousand copies of one project on a limited space drive.

Suggestions on a better backup method?

Move or delete the version already on the flash drive before copying in the new one. That way it will be a clean copy rather than a merge.

Okay - that makes sense. Thanks.

Isn’t there a windows utility to sync up folders with an external drive? Something with a “briefcase” metaphor or something? Seems like that might be a bit easier than drag and drop.

I use the free version of Allway Sync (