Open other document while in main editing document ?

Hi … sorry for so many Qs … sometimes it is very difficult to search the manual or FAQ for certain kinds of Qs.

When I am in the middle of writing, I am immersed in one document. But I want to check something in my research or plot notes that are in the binder elsewhere.

But I cannot find a way of opening that other document, as a separate quickreference window I imagine is best, without leaving the one in which I am writing. I often then find I have to try to remember which document was in when I was writing … and then go searching for it … to get back.

There are multiple ways to do this, so you can try some and figure out what works. Here are a few:

If I know the title of the document, I like to pop open the Synopsis Finder (Ctrl-Cmd-G) to locate the document, then open that as a QR window straight from the Synopsis Finder (tab from the finder search bar to the list of results, and spacebar to open).

You can lock the current editor (Opt-Cmd-L) so that binder clicks won’t affect it, then just scroll through the binder and select and open as a QR the document you want, or use project search to narrow the results and open it from the list there.

If you want to use the split editor for this, you can use View > Binder Affects to have binder clicks always load in a specific split, regardless of which is active, so e.g. you could drag and drop your first document from the binder to the editor header on the right and use that for your writing and have binder clicks only affect the left editor, so you can scroll around and load whatever research documents you want there.

You can drag and drop the document you want to open from the binder to the QuickReference icon on the toolbar to open it. As long as you don’t release the mouse until you’re over the QR icon, the action won’t affect the editor.

You can also use the Forward and Backward in Document History commands or buttons (the right- and left-pointing triangles on the left of the editor header) to skip through the editor history like you would in a web browser. So if you’re writing and then load another document there to check something, you can just tap the back button to return to where you were.

Ahhhhhhh … I see :smiley: Many thanks for all of those ideas. Jeez there is so much in Scrivener … and so much to learn :bulb:

I like the drag’ndrop one … and the forward and back one. They look like my solution.

The others are interesting but they will only get me into all kinds of trouble from forgetting command key combos :blush: It’s a pity that right clicking on binder objects immediately moves focus to them … yes I know … you have just indicated how to lock that. Just saying.

Great help …thanks MM.

You can use the mouse for the search solutions, too; I just prefer the keyboard because for me it’s faster. The project search and the synopsis finder are both on the main toolbar by default, so it’s easy to click up there to do a search and then drag and drop or use the spacebar to open the selection in a QR window. The Opt-Cmd-L shortcut is a good one to learn if you run into this situation a lot, so you can toggle the lock on and off, but you can do that also from the editor header’s menu–click the document icon there and select “Lock in Place”. (It’s also in the View > Editor main menu, if you’re hiding the editor header.)

The mouse-click properties are just how it works on OS X. There’s not really a way around that, so the editor lock is a useful tool. :slight_smile: