Open Project Target Window causes Scrivener "lag"

I did a search via Google and in the forums to see if this is a reported bug and didn’t come across anything.

I’m using most recent released Windows version of Scrivener.

I’ve noticed when I open Project Targets to keep track of a session word count, I get spikes of “lag”/freezing while trying to use Scrivener. I can’t type anything, I can’t insert mouse cursor, can’t click on anything. These last about 5-10 seconds, then it’s back to normal for a little while before I get freezes again. I’m not sure if it happens while Project Target is trying to update itself or not but it’s frequent enough that it greatly impacts Scrivener’s usability.

I found that if I collapse the Project Target arrows so the word count doesn’t show, I don’t get the freezes in the main Scrivener window. If I close the Project Target window entirely, Scrivener is back to normal.

This should be fixed for the next update. There’s a beta version available now if you’d like to test it out. For larger projects, you’ll see some initial slowness when the project targets first opens during a session, but from that point forward the load will be quick and you shouldn’t experience any of the lag while typing.

Thanks. I’ve just installed the Beta version and will see if I can replicate the issue in it.