Open project to last location

I’m working on a long project. It would be helpful if, when I opened a project, it would open to the last place that my cursor was. Then I wouldn’t have to search for where I left off.

The default behavior is to do exactly that.

Could you explain what’s happening in a little more detail? In particular, are you sharing the project between multiple devices? And how exactly are you opening the project when you return to it?

Also, what platform and what version of Scrivener?

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I’m using v 3 on Windows 10. I only use it on one desktop computer. I never use it on other devices, although it could be since the program is installed on another desktop in a second location. However, I’ve used that 2nd computer only in the past two years, and that just to install version 3.

The document is always saved to OneDrive. The backup is saved to whatever the program suggested when it installed (the App Data - Local Folders - Literature and Latte - Scrivener - I think that’s more or less the folder’s name).

Most often when I end a session, I have the document split in two horizontally with the draft I’m working on in the top pane and research or other material in the bottom pane. The cursor is in the top pane, the one with the active draft document. At the moment, for example, I’m working on Chapter 9 of a book that currently has about 70,000 words in it. The chapter currently has about 9,000 words in it. The cursor is always in the last specific spot I was working on.

When I reopen Scrivener I go to the intial opening screen rather than automatically opening the project I was working on when I closed the program. This is because I sometimes work on more than one project at a time and I want a choice as to what project I want to work on at that moment. So, I open it by clicking on the Open Recent button. The manuscript opens with the panes that were open when I closed it. In the example I used, it opens to Chapter 9 in the top pane as it should. However, the location in the chapter to which it opens seems rather haphazard and I have to find my way to where I left off, which may not be at the end of the chapter.

This is a bit annoying and means that I generally have to read through what I’ve written to find the right place. I should add that this is not a completely bad thing because I always do a lot of rewriting as I go along and it forces me to read some of my deathless prose only to find out that some of it is pretty dead, a not particularly un-useful discovery.

In general, though, I like the way Microsoft Word does it with an offer to take you to the place in the manuscript where you left off.

Maybe I’ve missed something along the way.

Like in… your active Scrivener project is located there? :flushed:

Yes. Not that I couldn’t save it other places, like to DropBox. But I prefer OneDrive because I save everything to it. That way, everything is backed up to one place and if i have to a complete reinstall of Windows (which I’ve had to do three times in the past few years), it is easy to do. And, too, if I’m ever at my 2nd computer (which is less and less over the past several years), it is a carbon copy of my main computer.