Open quick reference from the bookmark list

I have the following problem. I want to display a picture as a quick reference that is in my Pictures folder and that I have added to the list as a bookmark. I don’t want to click on the file itself because it will open in the editor.
I would rather click on the bookmark and open the image from there for quick reference.
is this possible or do i need the functionality for the future version?

The instructions for using this particular panel (assuming you mean the pop-up list from the toolbar or keyboard shortcut) are found in §10.3.1, The Bookmark List and Floating Panel:

In experience this doesn’t always avoid the active editor, so there is also right-clicking naturally, and the Inspector panel’s list, which requires a more definitive input before changing the main editor.

I pretty much only ever use the pop-up list when I want to load things in the active editor, considering how it works.

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Oh, thanks for the hint. I forgot this. :laughing: