'Open Recent' and 'Recent Projects' - empty

I have a 2011 Macbook Air with El Capitan, and Scrivener 2.7 -

When I open Scrivener, none of my recent projects are listed in the ‘Open Recent’ drop down box on the ‘Project templates’ screen, and none of my recent projects are listed under File>Recent Projects.

My recent projects are still displaying when I right-click the Scrivener Icon on the Dock.

I’m not sure if this started happening when I upgraded to El Capitan, or when I upgraded to 2.7.

Any thoughts how how to get my ‘Recents’ back?

Thanking you


That’s a general Mac feature that programs can make use of in their menus automatically. How many items are stored in these menus is up to your settings in the Mac’s General System Preference pane, toward the bottom. I’d check to make sure that is set to something greater than none.

Thank you!

I went into the Mac General system Preferences - the number items was already set at 10…

I went back to Scrivener - and what do you know - the recent items are now listing fine.

Problem fixed by opening and closing the General System Preferences. Maybe it just wanted some attention :slight_smile:

How very strange indeed! Well at least it is working now. :slight_smile:

Hey, I know it’s like a BAZILLION years later but I had this same problem. @AmberV & @ShannonMcEwan, you are both my heros! If you’re still around (it’s 2023 instead of 2015) know that major good vibes are coming your way. Also, in case someone else has this problem, I decided this thread needed to be bumped. Just sayin.

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