Open Recent not working

I’ve just begun to work with 3.0. When I open the widget on my dashboard, and click the button Open Recent, nothing happens, though I’ve been working on the same project for days now. I can find it through Open Existing File. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry, what widget on your dashboard do you mean?

I mean I’ve pulled the Scrivener icon onto my dashboard at the bottom of the screen - the same place where I find the icon of the Finder, Mail, Skype, Word, etc.

If you’ve just started using Scrivener 3, the issue may simply be that the Recent Projects menu hasn’t populated itself yet.

Also, the Recent Projects menu is populated by Mac OS. Check the System Preferences -> General pane to see how many items it should include.


In some previous versions of macOS, the Apple software underlying the “Recent items” box in System Preferences > General pane could get “stuck”, so stopping the Scrivener: File > Recent Projects dialogue from working. (It happened to me, and also some other Scrivener users, according to reports in these forums.)

If that is still the problem now, the way to “unstick” the Apple software is to change the number in the “Recent items” box in System Preferences > General to a random number, close System Preferences, re-open it again and reset the figure in “Recent items” to the number you want. The Scrivener: File > Recent Projects dialogue should now work.