Open Recent on Launch

Hello. I tried searching to see if this was brought up before but didn’t see it, so here goes.

Could it be a possible Options checkbox to be able to choose “open last closed project on launch” rather than what seems to be the default last opened project? Sometimes, when I’m working on one project, I open up a second to make a quick change then close it. But after closing the first project then starting Scrivener up again, the second project is opened on launch.

An alternative could be the ability to pin an open project to the taskbar?

Edit: sorry, forgot to mention I’m using Windows 7

I like this idea, but what I personally (as an individual who works on numerous stories at the same time) would prefer is for and option to have Scrivener to open to a window where you can select files, or create a new one, entirely, rather than open up a recent project, at all. I jump back and forth from projec to project, depending on the mood I’m in, and I think it would be extremely helpful for me to be able to pull up the Scrivener program and have it prompt me to select the project I want to work on.

Have you tried pinning the individual project .scrivx files to your Scrivener icon on the Taskbar? I have my five current projects all pinned, and I just right-click the Scrivener icon and choose the project. Two clicks, and it’s open, easy-peasy.

I don’t have that option. It only allows me to pin and unpin the Scrivener program as a whole (the only three options I have available are: Scrivener, Pin/Unpin this program from Taskbar, and Close all windows). Others actually have this capability? Is there a setting to allow it?

Edit: I even tried dragging the file onto the taskbar to pin it like other files, and it gives me the old crossed out circle that it’s not allowed.

It’s already on the list to change the current “Open recent projects on program launch” option to “Open projects that were open on quit”, which should effectively do what the OP requested, while also giving the further option to quit Scrivener via File > Exit while multiple projects are open, allowing you to auto-load all of them on restart, or to close out all open projects and return to the New Project window (if “Show start panel when there are no projects open” is selected) before exiting, so that on the next launch Scrivener will just load the New Project panel rather than recent projects.

In the General tab of Tools > Options, deselect “Open recent projects on launch” to have Scrivener start up with the New Project window, where you can easily access the most recent projects, browse for any project, or create a new one.

Good to know!! Thanks for telling me. I hope I didn’t needlessly create clutter with this thread if the future changes list is available somewhere I should have read before posting. :blush:

Although I have the workaround (pinning in Win7), this feature will still be much appreciated. Again, thank you!