Open same project twice?

Can one open the same project twice to, for example, more easily copy / move items within the Binder or copy / move / exchange text?


You can, however, create a split editor window, and copy or drag from one to the other. And you can create several different views of your outline, with the Binder, Outliner, and Corkboard views all open at once (main Binder, Split A, and Split B).


Thank you very much Katherine.

Sorry, I am not quite sure, does it mean I can split Binder?

Many thanks again

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. You can split the Editor, and put an Outline View in each half.


OK, thank you.

So there is no way to split / double the Binder.

What is the easiest manner to copy / move / re-organize items in the Binder? For example in a long list of elements / documents from the top to its end? It is very inconvenient to move an item, for example, from the bottom to the top while searching the destination element.

That’s why I mentioned Outline view. Locate the origin in the Outliner. Locate the destination in the Binder. Drag the file from the Outliner to the Binder. Done. Section 11.2 of the manual discusses the Outline view in more detail.


PS If necessary, you can use the View -> Editor -> Lock in Place command to keep the Outliner from “following” you around the Binder.

Ah, yes, yes, the Outliner, that’s why…so no second Binder (it’s a pity), but the Outliner works well.

Oops, that’s odd, this question just arose and should have been my next…

Thank you very much