Open saved document on recovered hard drive

I had a complete hard drive crash and had to install a new one. Have uploaded backup files and reinstalled scrivener - but it won’t let me open any of my saved projects.

When I go to the *.scriv folders for the projects Scrivener doesn’t appear to recognize any of them. Is there some special thing I need to do to access them?

Sounds odd to me…if the backups are complete files, have been restored properly, and are associated with the installed Scrivener program then I can’t see why they shouldn’t load.

Out of curiosity, have you tried starting a new dummy project, saving it to the same folder and then reopening it? Would help to prove that Scrivener can open files from that folder okay and that there’s nothing odd with permissions.

Thank you. I did that and now I see that the *.scrivx files appear not to exist.

I just have docs and projects folders.

Hope you have the files on your backup drive. Good luck.