Open Scriv files on PC?

I keep my Scrivener files on a web server for safety’s sake and also so I can work on them from multiple locations. Occasionally I have to work from a PC. Are there any windows programs that can open a Scrivener file? At least to get to the main text?



Scriv files appear as a folder on WIndows. I guess you could open the text files in there, but I think formatting and order are all saved in the scriv project files and stuff.
So if you wanted to get to just the text, just open the folder and see which file is the one you need (there are synopsis files in the main directory)…

Please reference this thread. It provides detailed information on how you can do this, and why you should not, unless it is an emergency. Access to the Scrivener project file is intended to be an ultimate fail-safe, not an alternate workflow.