Open scrivener Files in iOS

You can for sure transfer projects across devices using the Files app. (You also used to be able to use AirDrop to copy files across to your iOS device, though I know that feature’s been broken since iOS 13. I don’t have any iOS devices to test this on, so I’m not sure if they’ve fixed this in iOS 14. ) The big thing is just being wary of version control - keeping track of which project is the latest version and updating your devices accordingly, so you don’t end up having multiple copies of the same project in different states and locations.

You might find section 14.2 “Working with Scrivener for iOS” of the Scrivener for macOS manual helpful, particularly the subsection on “Managing Projects Directly with File Management”.

If you do want to give Dropbox syncing a try but you’re not entirely trustworthy of it, you could always create backups whenever you’re done editing in iOS. Scrivener for iOS doesn’t have an automatic backup system like Scrivener for macOS does, but you can create a backup by tapping the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner of the Projects screen, then select the project you wish to backup and use the Share button in the bottom toolbar. This will bring up the iOS Share panel, so you can email a zipped up project to yourself or whatever you prefer. That way if you do run into syncing issues, you’ll know you have that backup to restore your work from.