Open Scrivener in another PC

Maybe stupid question, but can I open MY scrivener in Another PC?

If you are asking if you can install and use Scrivener on more than one PC, see … e-computer

If you are asking if you can open a Scrivener project on another PC, the answer is yes, assuming that Scrivener is also installed on that PC.

My English is not so good, but do you mean that if I have installed Scrivener on Another PC i own, I can open my Project on that one?


A Scrivener project is a folder (name ending in .scriv) that contains an index file (name ending in .scrivx) and other sub-folders and files. So the entire folder and its contents must be transported to or made available to the other computer. (Note that on a Macintosh, the folder presents as a single item (a “package”), with details as to its contents hidden by default.)

Such transport or availability can be accomplished via compressed .zip file or USB thumb drive or external hard drive or CD or DVD or the Drop Box cloud service.

It is important that the active project folder, once transported/available, be located on the PC’s internal hard or SSD drive, as the project is essentially a database and has similar performance and integrity assurance considerations as a database (lots of activity against lots of files).

It is worth reviewing the articles in the Scrivener knowledgebase at

If working between PCs, particularly via cloud sharing, DropBox is recommended and you should review the following knowledgebase article … c-services

Caution, routine procedures and lots of backups are recommended, for Scrivener (and all other apps for that matter).

I understand now.
Thank you for being so helpful! :slight_smile:

/ Ylva