Open several files at once? Little gray windows?

I knew how to do this once, but forgot.

I have several files in my binder. I wish to open several in smaller windows while reserving the main window for something else. I thought you could click on the name of the file, along with command or option or control and it brought up a little gray-ish window?

Yes, that is called the QuickReference feature. The easiest way to make use of it is to select the item in the Binder you wish to load this way, and hit the spacebar, just like opening a Quick Look window from Finder. You can also load any document using the View/QuickReference/ sub-menu.

Arrhhhgg! Well, I tried the space bar, but now I got all this 'red marks between every word in every doc. Not to mention my files are in a different order now! Arrhhhg! This is what I hate about Scrivener – trying to solve one issue only causes a bigger one. I close to throwing in the towel. :cry:

I think that’s a relatively minor problem, from your description. You must have typed space while the cursor was blinking in the search tool. You’ve basically searched for every document that contains at least one space, and all of those spaces are highlighted as search results. Try typing something a bit more meaningful into the toolbar to see how that might be actually useful. :slight_smile:

So just delete the space in the search bar, or click the ‘x’ to remove the search filter on the Binder so you can see everything again.

Just make sure your active selection is in the Binder, not any of the text files or search tools. It often matters where you click before using a command like this. But if you can’t get it to work that way, like I say, you can also load panels from the View menu.

Thank you! I got it now. I guess there’s hope after all! :smiley: