Open several pages on a multi monitor setup?

Do I really have to manually open every page first as a quick reference (Is there no hotkey for that? ) and moving the windows one by one to my other monitors to make use of my other screens? This consumes a lot of time and feels more like abusing a bug.

There is no way to have a 2nd “main” window?

In Notepad++ or OneNote I can drag and drop any item to anywhere I want. (I know oranges and apples, but no proper multi-monitor support for a word-processing program in the year 2021?)

The split view is okay, but you are still limited to one screen.

Am I doing something wrong and I missed this feature somewhere or am I doomed to abuse the quick reference method?

This is how I use it at the moment:

Otherwise thanks for the product one of the best tools out there to write books.

FYI: You can have 4 editors open at the same time for the main window when you drag and drop the items from the binder while holding the ALT key into the title of the other items in the editor while you already have splitted them.

If I could move those two extra panels to the next screen then this would make me very happy.

I don’t have access to the Windows version, but doesn’t hitting the space bar after selecting a document in the binder open a QR window? Does that work if you select multiple documents?

If the above works, then move your main Scrivener window to the other monitor, open all of your QR windows, and then move the main window back to the first monitor.

Also in the main window, not only can you have 2 full editors + 2 copyholders, you can view another document in the inspector pane via bookmarks.

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Yes, it does. Thank you so much for that info. This will save me many, many clicks and time.

you can view another document in the inspector pane via bookmarks

Thanks again. Very helpful.