"Open template" option

Would it be an idea to add to the File menu an “Open template” option?

I think, essentially, creating a new project with the desired template is intended to be “open template.” It can be modified, and then saved as a template. Providing you give it the same name as before, it will update the old one.

Thanks Amber for clearing up that one. I think I am going to shorten these replies, in which Amber (or another user) has answered more than adequately, to:
What she said. :slight_smile:


Which means that templates in Scrivener are project-bound, not document-bound. Thanks!

Yes. Templates are in essence, little more than a Scrivener project bundle located in a special place, with some meta-data to give it a name and description. There might be something else I do not know about. You can do much more than just put documents into them. You can set up labels, keywords, export settings – anything you can set up in a regular project will get saved in the template.

I think that is what you are asking.