Open template within a template?


I was hoping somebody could please help me?

I’m new to Scrivener (running on Windows 10) and just wanted to know if I open a new project - fiction - novel, can I open a different template (that I have downloaded) within the same project? I hope this makes sense?

The downloaded template gives guidance on writing.

Thank you.

A template is a way of creating a new project with some stuff and settings already added to it, so no it doesn’t really make sense to “open” one, especially within another project that already exists. Think of it more like a convenient way of selecting a file on your disk and duplicating the file so that now you have two—a handy way to start off a form letter for instance. That’s all we’re talking about here.

Feel free to use the template to create a throw-away project and then, with both projects open at once, drag and drop the bits you want from one into the other, though.