Open Windows Scrivener 3 Beta file in Mac

Hi there, I have a quick question

If I want to open a scrivener file that I originally worked on in Windows 10 on the beta Scrivener 3 (with all the images too that I put in) on a Mac, how would I transfer the file and get it to open properly? I ask because I’m still new to the software, and am unclear as to where the scrivener project file is located on my computer.



When you created the project, you gave it a name and specified a folder where to save it. That’s where you’ll find it.

Search for*.scriv in the file explorer.

Easiest way to transfer it is to create a zipped backup file via Scrivener’s own tools. Then you can transfer that file to the Mac by any convenient method, unzip it, and you’ll be ready to go.


Ah thank you so much everyone! I have a windows desktop at my house, and Mac laptop for work, so this versatility is nice to know. Here’s an off topic question, but is August 30th still the scheduled date for Scrivener 3 release date for Windows? Just wanted to know, I went ahead and already bought a product key in advance. Love your software, makes organizing notes and writing very efficient!