OpenDoc (ODT) support and textkit on Leopard

(First posting here …)

I’ve just downloaded Scrivener and I’m rather impressed, but there’s one feature I really need, namely: the ability to import and export ODT files. I work in OpenOffice (or NeoOffice in the Mac) and OpenDoc is my standard format – if I start using Scrivener, I need to be able to move material back and forth to ODT.

I note with interest that in Leopard Apple seems to support ODT. It’s available as a translation option in textutil, it’s supported in TextEdit … is it possible to add ODT import/export to Scrivener, and if so, is it going to happen any time soon?

Already done. You can already import .odt files in 1.11 (the current release version). You will be able to export to .odt in 1.12.

However, there are certain caveats - the .odt support in Scrivener will have the same limitations that apply to TextEdit. Namely, images, true footnotes and annotations will not survive the import or export. This is a limitation of the Leopard importers/exporters (like their rubbish .doc and .docx importers/exporters).


Okay, you’re about to get another registered user …

(And now I’ve got to figure out how to best go about importing the first four – published – volumes of the series, plus the one I’m halfway through writing, before I continue. Aaaagh!)

Just import 'n split. Import 'n split. IMO Scrivener REALLY shows its power as an organisational tool to new users when you’re pulling in a huge, already-drafted manuscript.

You’ll find it’s much more pleasant and painless than it seems at the outset :slight_smile: