Opened doc to find it completely empty and reading "No Selection"

I had to close Scriv the other day to update my Macbook. When I reopened it my most frequently used doc is completely empty - nothing in the binder, no pages, can’t add a page, etc, opened in split screen and reading “No Selection” on both sides. I can open other docs no problem, all the content there as it should be. This empty doc also has trouble closing - I had to force quit a few times.

It’s not the end of the world as I back this up online but there were a few pages I hadn’t copied over so I’m annoyed, and concerned it will happen again. It was just text, nothing weird or unusual in the doc. Really hoping the content still exists somewhere (no idea how to dive into the background of the app). Pls help :frowning:

Are you perhaps using an older version of Scrivener 2 on macOS 10.14? There is a known bug in Quick Look—the technology used to display a preview for file types Scrivener itself cannot open—that can cause the binder to blank out completely and the project window to essentially become unusable.

You can most likely recover from this state by resetting the project’s display settings, but do be aware that if you ever click on anything in the binder that triggers this bug, you’ll have to go through that procedure again.

If that doesn’t all match what you’re seeing, or how you system is set up, then a screenshot of this project might help.