Opening 2.8.2 files in Scrivener 3

I am probably missing something obvious, but I am unable to open my current files (Scrivener 2.8.2) with Scrivener 3. I retained my previous version, so I am still able to write, but this is making me a bit nervous. Advice?

What happens when you try to open a Scrivener 2 project?


Same here. I can’t open any of my Scrivener Projects… only I copied 3 over my old version, so I can’t write at all.

Basically, in the File-Open screen, the documents are greyed out, so you can’t open them.

Okay, there are developments. This relates to Mac.

In Finder, select File>Open>All My Files… Here, all Scrivener Projects are greyed out.

But when I went to Documents and searched in the folders, I’m able to select the Scrivener Project, and it runs the update script.

With Importing Documents, it’s the opposite. Under “All My Files”, the documents are importable. But under “Documents”, or any other Folder, they are not.

Don’t use the All My Files view. It shows you the internal structure of the project, which just confuses things.

If you’re able to open a project by double-clicking on the .scriv file in your Documents folder, then Scrivener is behaving as expected. If that works with some projects, but not others, then there is probably some sort of project-specific or folder-specific permissions issue.


Thank you! If I double click on a project from Finder, it will open in the 2.8.2, but when I open 3, everything is greyed out in the drop-down menu. I am loathe to try to open it in another fashion with 3, but I’ll try to work up the courage .

Have you by any chance activated Save Documents in iCloud?

If you right-click on the project in Finder, the Open With menu should allow you to choose between Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3. Once the project has been converted, it should open in Scrivener 3 automatically.

Since you have both versions on your system, neither Scrivener 3 nor Mac OS “knows” that Scrivener 3 is supposed to be the default for Scrivener 2 projects. You can change that in Finder: right-click on any project, and select the Get Info option. Scroll down to the Open With setting, choose Scrivener 3 from the menu, then Change All if that’s what you want.


Why don’t you just open it from within Scrivener? File → Open and navigate to the project you want to open?

I have not found the file yet .scriv

It’s where you saved it, in 2.8

New Message! Hello. I am trying to open a project i haven’t seen in a few years (srive 2) in srriv 3… All my project notes are here but NOT my manusript files.