Opening 2 Windows

I’m sure this is a very simple thing, but my short search yielded no helpful results.
I want to know how to open the same project twice, in two separate windows.
Using File>Open just directs me to the currently open window.

You can split the screen, so you can view two different things beside each other, but I don’t think you can have two separate Scrivener sessions open with the same project. It would corrupt the file system.

What is it you want to accomplish?

I guess that makes sense. What I really want to do is have a composition window and the default navigation window at the same time, and quickreference/multiple editors doesn’t really suffice

In the Compose preference pane, disable the Hide main window in composition mode option, in the upper-left area. Note that on a single monitor that would have limited usefulness—but then so would any other window behind the Composition background.

I was hoping to do this in tandem with the multiple desktops functionality of Mac, so I could have composition open in one desktop, and have the main window open in another. Is there a way to do this? Perhaps by somehow making “Use second screen if available” recognize another desktop as a monitor?

The point with the composition window is not to have anything else visible but an editing window. If you want to have the Binder also visible, close the Inspector and close the tools menu. Then you only have the Binder and Editor windows visible.

Sure, that seems to be working fine for me. I have my settings so that the main project window stays open, and after initiating Composition mode, I open Mission Control and drag the comp window to another desktop (or the project, it doesn’t really matter), and now they are on two virtual desktops.

And that way you’d toggle in/out of composition mode by swapping between virtual desktops, instead of swapping using the keyboard shortcut or the toolbar item… 8)