Opening a document where I left off

Here’s what happens for me: I select (double-click) a word in some text near the bottom of the file (it’s a 1300 word file in a folder in my project, which is itself 90000 words at this point). I closed Scrivener, then reopened, and it opened the file at the top, but no cursor was visible. I scrolled down to the bottom of the file, and the word was still selected but it was grayed out (the file wasn’t at the forefront of Scrivener’s active window). I then had to click in the window, which of course inserted the cursor and got rid of the word selection I had going.

(I also did this experiment with just a cursor in text, and the cursor wasn’t visible, which is why I redid it with selecting a word.)

What’s interesting is, when I start Scrivener up, behind the initial greyed out “linen” screen, I can see that the file is scrolled to the right place, with the words selected. When Scrivener finishes loading, however, the file is opened at the top.

Could you please answer the troubleshooting questions I posted before seeing as you are still having issues then? And also, seeing as you mention the grey linen, do you mean that the project is opening in full screen?

Version of Scrivener: right now, but before today 2.1 (whatever the most recent auto-update version was)

Does this only happen in Lion’s full screen mode? Yes, just tested this: in regular mode it’s fine. When I switched back to full screen mode, the file immediately jumped to the top.

Does it happen immediately when you enter full screen mode, or only when you move the horizontal splitter between editors in full screen mode (or both)? I usually leave my projects open in full screen mode (each project on a different desktop), so every time I open Scrivener it happens.

In the “Editor” pane of the Preferences, are both “Fixed width” and “Center” ticked? Yes.

If so, what happens if you un-tick “Center”? Now does the problem go away? Yes, it does.

Likewise, what happens if you un-tick “Fixed width”? (I re-ticked “Center” and the file immediately shot to the top again.) Yes, the problem goes away.

And those files:
Screen Shot 2011-08-31 at 5.46.14 PM.png (5.41 KB)