Opening a group of projects?

Working for several years with the MacOS version of Scrivener, I have collected many dozens of projects representing various stages of development across time and topics.

I often find myself opening a group of projects together, after which I select the Window > Merge All windows feature to have all the projects appear together. If for some reason I need to close Scrivener, I can then reopen the Scrivener app, and the same group of projects will then appear together, already merged, together on one screen.

This facilitates the Documents > Copy to Project feature that allows for fast transfer of entire documents between projects, as well as making other comparisons and observations across and between projects.

Of coarse, if after having opened a group of projects, I follow by opening an individual project or a different group of projects, the particular group of projects I may have opened on any particular day is no longer available to be opened automatically by simply opening Scrivener. Similarly, I can of course use the command button to highlight a group of Scrivener ‘.scriv’ files to be opened together, but that would mean that I’d have to remember which ‘.scriv’ files I’d opened a day or week ago to be reopened together (and although open, the project windows would not be merged).

I find that with so many projects across time and topics, that having the ability to open the same group of projects, without having to remember the particular collection that I might have selected the day, week or even month prior, would be a helpful ability to have.

Is such an ability (to somehow open the same group of projects together as one) somehow already available, either via Apple or Scrivener?


I can think of several ways to automate this in macOS only (using shell scripts, Automator- or Shortcuts app) or with the help of third-party apps like Alfred, but that’s likely more cumbersome than you hope for and only a decent solution if you use the same groups over and over again very frequently.

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In Finder, you can select some project files and then alias-drag the selection into a folder. Such folders of aliases could be made to retain this kind of grouping information, and the aliases could be used to open all the projects in a group at once.


In fact I’m moving this over to general the general Scrivener topic, as that method is precisely what you’d want to do on Windows as well, only with Shortcuts pointing to the .scrivx files that you would double-click on to load the project, rather than Aliases.

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