Opening a new blank document or scene page

This is one of those things that probably has an obvious answer, but I’m not finding it. After I imported my Word document, I split it and have since just been doing editing jobs on those two pages. Now I want to continue on and begin writing the next chapter, but can’t discover how to get a blank document page. Same goes for a new scene page. The command-D worked for duplicating a folder, but not for duplicating a page.

How about the obvious one – cmd-N? In the menue: Documents/New Text.

And if you are using the default tool bar you will find a green circle with a plus sign in it and ‘Add’ underneath. Click and hold it and choose from the menu ‘Add New Text’. (You might find it handy to have an own icon for Add New Text which can be easily done by customizing the tool bar.)

What might be confusing you is the naming ‘text’ and not ‘page’, ‘scene’ or else. That’s because the new text could be just anything you want, from a whole novel (not recommended) down to a paragraph or something that does not even belong to the main body of your text.

It’s important to not confuse these texts with the whole big thing that contains all of them and whatever reference material you collected, the project.

Do you mean a new document? That would be Cmd-N, Documents/New Text on the menu, or the Add toolbar button.

The idea of pages isn’t really meaningful in Scrivener, so you can’t “Insert Page Break” like you can in Word. But if you want to add to the same document, you can just start typing at the bottom.

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Perfect. Thank you.

Notice also that, if the Binder has focus (like, you have clicked in there or have some document or folder selected there), then a simple Return will create a new document. Very handy also. [There are also additional handy ways to make new documents when you are working in Outline and Corkboard modes.]

In my experience, the general rule is: if it seems like there ought to be a nice way to do such-and-such in Scrivener, then there is. That’s why I now live in Scrivener (aka 221b Scrivener Street).

– Greg

You can always do the old fashioned gray beard way and select a document in the binder and Right click (control+click on one button mouse) and select duplicate from the contextual menu…