Opening a PDF Crashes Scrivener

I moved a PDF file into my research folder. The drag-and-drop worked and it showed up fine, but when I tried to open it (both in full view and in split view) the program crashed entirely. I searched the Bug Hunt forum but it seems as though the previous problem with PDFs was that they didn’t show up at all; this seems to be a different issue.



There is a known crash with loading PDFs that have been annotated in certain programs (iAnnotate, at least) which Lee’s working on fixing, so you might be seeing that. Have you annotated or edited the PDF? (Again, this shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, but depending on the way the annotations are done, it can be an issue.) Are you able to load other PDFs successfully (e.g. the example in the tutorial project)?

I did have a crash, when I was having issues with PDF’s showing up at all. I haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably, though.

Just to double check, garpu, did you have that on a straight Windows install or on Linux/WINE? I thought it was the latter and want to make sure I have it noted down properly.

Linux wine, with version 1.3.29. If I can reproduce it,I’ll let someone know.