Opening A Project in the Scriverne App on iOS

Hi All,

I’ve trawled through the forum and went through the iOs Sync tutorial and either I’m missing something or I’m an idiot (possible both or the latter).

I’ve synced my devices to mirror my desktop project however when on iOS (iPad or iPhone) I can only open the synced project from Dropbox and only in .rtf format. My projects do not appear in the Scrivener app, just on my Dropbox app.

Am I missing something? Please tell me I’m an idiot and that I can access and edit my project in the Scriverner on my iOS devices.

Thank you

If desktop Scrivener is saving the project to a Dropbox folder, and Scrivener on your iDevices are set up to look in that folder, then you won’t have to open anything. The projects are visible (after syncing the first time) when you start iOS Scrivener. If iOS Scrivener doesn’t see any projects, then it’s not looking in the folder where you have your projects, i.e. you haven’t set it up to look in the right spot.

Make sure iOS Scrivener looks in the correct folder on Dropbox, where you have the projects. From the Project view, tap on Edit at the top and then the Setup gear wheel at the bottom and choose “another folder” (not default as you obviously don’t have the projects in the default folder) and navigate to the correct folder.

Did you use the Sync with External Folder command? Don’t.

A quick troubleshooting guide to synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing

And a detailed setup guide is here: … g-with-ios


Dear Lunk (and kewms,)

Thank you very much for the replies, they solved my issue immediately and as I suspected, my ineptitude was the reason for my problem.

One other question, after I setup the the sync between all my devices and the desktop version, this mean that only the desktop version that was saved to the dropbox folder was synced right? ie, not the version saved on my local hard-drive?



Not sure if I understand your question.
The dropbox folder is a normal folder on your hard drive. The only difference is that the dropbox app on your desktop uploads a copy of all files in that folder to the dropbox server, and your iDevice then downloads the Scrivener project from the server (syncing) and upload again when you tap the sync button. So your project is always in three places: on your desktop hard drive, the dropbox server and your iDevice.

The Dropbox folder is saved on your local hard drive.

But yes, the version in the Dropbox folder is the only one that will synchronize with iOS devices. If you have other copies of the project around, please give them unique names so that you can easily tell which is which. (And won’t send an unhappy support email when you open one of the other copies and discover that the work you did in iOS is ‘missing’.)