Opening a scrivener 2 project in scrivener 3 results in eternal "rebuilding search indexes" then unresponsive program

I have not seen this particular problem posted, so my apologies in advance if the discussion has been held.

My topic heading is basically the problem. I want to open scrivener 2 files in scrivener 3. When I attempt it, I am asked if I want to update the project. I do. But when the update arrives at “rebuilding search indexes,” it does not resolve. It hangs and eventually I have to close the (now unresponsive) program.



This sounds as though some sort of bug is being triggered that prevents the update from working. Could you please zip up the project and send it to us for testing at AT We should be able to find what the problem is, fix the bug and get you an updated version of your project sorted out.

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you. Will do. I will add here that this is happening with all of the scrivener 2 projects I seek to open in scrivener 3 (which I just realized while seeking to open another).


This happens to me too - though eventually my program opens after a long lag time. It always gets stuck at the end when it’s indexing a conflicted copy, so I thought that was the issue.
I should add that this only happens after I update Scrivener. All other times I can open and close the project without any issue.
Since I have done this all before, i.e. it’s been converted before, I’m not sure if it’s a 2 or 3 format. Any help would be much appreciated.

For reference, this is where my project gets stuck: