opening a scrivener project on another mac with file sharing

Is it OK to open a Scrivener project on another Mac through my home WiFi network using file sharing?

What I mean is, to open a Scrivener project on my laptop - the project is actually on my desktop mac.

Thank you.

In a word: No. Network drives are a terrible choice for use with Scrivener, because it’s constantly saving changes to files, loading them as you select them from the binder, and generally accessing the files constantly. This is different from a standard word processor, which loads the whole thing into memory when you open it, and only saves to disk when you tell it to; in that scenario, it’s usually fine, but not with Scrivener’s optimized format.

Oh right OK!! That’s one idea to forget then! Thank you for replying.

If you read and completely comprehend the cautions outlined in the manual (Help->Manual) under the section “Scrivener Everywhere”, then you might consider a service like Dropbox (iCloud won’t work). It has it’s problems if you aren’t careful, but I’ve been using it to share Scrivener projects between computers for a couple of years now with great success.