Opening a zipped backup and Dropbox?

Hello all,

I did a search, and apologise if this has been answered many times before, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

In short - many iterations ago, my writing project had a chapter split up into many different scrivenings, each with their own heading, to help me keep track of where things were at.
I then folded them all into one completed section, and moved on.
I now want to be able to see those scrivening headings again, as a guide for how I can introduce subsection-headings back into my most recent iteration of the same work.

My backup preferences means I am sitting with gigabytes of versions of my various projects, zipped in the backup location.
Having read through the manual, I know how to go about unzipping the file/project I want, and opening it in Scrivener.

My question:

Opening that ‘older’ project, I just want to confirm I needn’t be concerned with anything with regards to Dropbox?
In other words, am I correct in presuming that the new save location of the ‘older’ project will be wherever I copied it to, out of the Backup folder? So Scrivener won’t run into issues seeing 2 projects that are similarly named, and try and sync something up to my existing project in Dropbox?

I realise the above smacks of mild paranoia, but don’t want to run the risk of missing something obvious, and creating a sync-black-hole-crumpet-mine that I will never recover from… 8)

To avoid any possible problems, make a copy of your zip:ed backup and rename it before you open it.

I was wondering about that as an option - but wasn’t sure whether renaming the project would mess somehow with the internal links contained in the package… I see you suggest I rename the zipped package, not the unzipped project - correct?

Will give this a go.

I’d duplicate the zip file. Then put the duplicate in a completely different folder, away from both live projects and backups, and rename it.

Cheers - got it working.

A point worth remembering, and no doubt the reason for your suggestion, is that I needed to temporarily disable the “auto-backup on opening and closing the project” option - since were I not to rename it, the same project would get backed-up as a ‘more recent’ project, when it was in fact ‘older’…

Thanks for the help!

Exactly! :slight_smile: