Opening and closing multiple QuickReference panels

Good morning!

I’ve finally discovered the utility of Document References and QuickReference panels (seriously, it’s changed my entire workflow), but I’m having trouble figuring out how to open and close multiple panels.

I know I should be able to select multiple references, hit the space bar, and see all of them open - but when I do that, I only get one window, containing the last item in the list. I don’t really mind selecting each reference separately, but according to the user manual and forum, this isn’t the expected behavior.

The second thing I would like to be able to do is close all of those QR panels with one keyboard shortcut, without closing the main project. I use a lot of Document References, and switch documents regularly. (One of the things I’m using Scriv for is editing short pieces of web content, each of which has its own set of reference materials.) Again, closing the windows one at a time isn’t too bad, but it would be more efficient if I could do them en masse.

ETA: I’m using Scrivener 2.5 on OS X Mavericks.


Thanks! This looks like a minor problem with the Spacebar keyboard shortcut. If you use the Documents/Open/as QuickReference, then all selected References will be opened as they would in the Binder or elsewhere.

There isn’t a command to close all QR panels. I’ll add that to the list for consideration.

I just tried the Documents/Open/as QuickReference for my Document References, and it only opened the first reference in the list. This also appears to be the case with Project References. The spacebar and menu options both work as expected if I open multiple documents from the binder, though!

Thanks for considering the multiple-window-closure request!

Well that’s strange. I have no problems using the menu command with multiple selections active in the References pane. Hmm, one more to try: drag and drop the references on to the QuickReference toolbar icon.

Please note that you can also drag items from the binder etc and drop them onto the QuickRef icon in the toolbar to open them.

Drag and drop works!

Great, glad that helps. We’re looking into the other issues you’ve brought up.

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