Opening compiled draft into a Pages template


I am compiling a draft in RTFD, thinking it’s best for Pages ('09 btw). So, does anyone know how to open a compiled draft into a particular Pages template? I have a template that I always use, and I’d like to open my compiled draft into that template. It seems instead of doing this, the compiled draft opens into a new blank default Pages template.



I am not really familiar with Pages, but in general, document templates and existing files do not really ever work together that well. That is because existing files have their own rulers and format guidelines, different from the template.

if you really need to use a template you can compile draft to rtfd. Then open the rtfd in pages. Do a cmmd-a, cmmd-c. Then open a new doc using your template. Now click where you want the rtfd to start and do a cmmd-v.

This is also known as the “cut and paste” method.

Uh… “Copy and Paste”? :slight_smile:

Cut is cmmd-X

(ribbing ya!)

Jaysen is clearly a belt and braces (suspenders? :confused: ) man … he likes the security of copy and paste …


Listen bird brain, I had the steps right, and technically “cut” is the right term. I none of the old books I have refer to “copy - paste” but then “copy” involved simply not saving the cut when you closed the buffer. And the first one to mention that books from the '70’s may not be good reference material will have vic-k sic’d on them.

Mark, I do prefer braces (suspenders clip on and I like the buttons) but they are hard to come by here. Even the amish (pennsylvania dutch if you prefer) have given up. Personally I find the old ways are frequently more reliable than “insert file”. Particularly when formatting for a template is involved.

But then I also prefer the command line to the finder. I am probably less sane than vic-k just better at hiding it.


Thanks for the help.

Yank and dump will work for now.

Maybe it’s more a Pages issue than a Scrivener issue.

No, it is a workflow issue. You typically don’t “open” a doc into a template. the idea of a template in word processors is to have a frame work in place to “start” from. What you are doing is apply a “style” to an existing doc. This can be done but it isn’t as easy as yanking.

Let’s see who comments on that.

Yanking, dumping, cutting, pulling.

Who would have imagined authors had such violent work tendencies.


Umm… everyone?

I guess it’s both. It’s part of my workflow to take a compiled draft and need to do some more touch up work in Pages. In order to save time, I have all the tools and styles for that touch up work saved as a template.

But it’s also a Pages issue, in that I want Pages to allow me to apply a style/template to an existing doc. I’m checking another forum to see if Pages can, in fact, do that.

I am not a formatting wizard by any stretch, but I think want you want to do is define the styles in the template (not a real template but a pages file), then open the rtfd, save as a pages file (just to avoid messing with the original), then go to Format -> Import Styles. Select your template file and you should be well on your way.

I think. Then again you may not. Give it a shot and see if that gets it for you.

It worked! Sort of… The style imported, but the style HotKeys I made didn’t really work.

Cutting and pasting from the compiled draft into my template may be just as many steps and it works, so I guess I’ll go with that.

Thanks for all the help!