Opening Files : Stupid Question

OK. I’ll swallow my pride (yum!) and ask this…I just finished the tutorial. Went to open one of my old Word Files. Chose import. And everything is shaded out except for “From”. I.e., I can’t click on any of my docs. WTF?

Is the binder visible? You can only import files into the binder.

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As far as I know the import options are only greyed out when no project (i. e. .scriv file) is open to import to. (Why the WriteRoom import is not greyed out I don’t know because I never worked with WriteRoom.)

If you don’t have done it already I suggest you to create a test project to play around with including file import.

The fastest way to import a larger number of files is to drag them right from the Finder into the Scrivener project. Don’t be afraid: They get copied into the project, not moved, so you won’t destroy any files when you one day delete the test project.

Text files like doc, rtf, rtfd can get imported to both the draft and the research folder, other file types only to the research folder.

Thanks so much, folks. I knew it was obvious…but sometimes those are the hardest, no? I was indeed trying to “open a document” without having a .scriv file to open to.