Opening footnote files

I’m trying to piece together a corrupted scrivener project from dropbox. Most of the body material is salvageable from rtf files in dropbox. However, I cannot open the footnotes within the rtf files. When I click on the footnote I get a message like this: "There is no application set to open the URL scrivcmt://….
Can anyone recommend a way to open these files? Are they considered CMT files? Thanks.

Have you tried using the File/Import/Scrivener Project command to salvage the original project into a new one? This usually does a pretty job of restoring as much as it can, even from projects that will not open.

To answer your immediate question: Inspector Comments and Footnotes, as well as internal Scrivener Links, are all stored within the .links file, which should be numbered respectively with the RTF file they pertain to. So 23.rtf, if it has footnotes, should have a 23.links file.