Opening HTML in OpenOffice

If you’ve ever tried to open an HTML document in OpenOffice, you’ll probably know that MultiMarkdown’s HTML output doesn’t get recognised as valid HTML. The default header seems to confuse the import filter, causing the document to be imported as plain text. :frowning:

I’ve taken the liberty of creating an alternative XSLT file, that generates a compatible header. Here’s the HTML output created from this MMD file. The HTML should be compatible with OpenOffice and/or NeoOffice. With the exception of footnotes, all Markdown entities will be translated into matching styles. :smiley:

Thanks, I have had this problem with the Kindle. It doesn’t recognise properly formatted XHTML as well, and will display the file as a text file, not knowing what to do with it. If I strip out the XML declaration at the top of the file then it loads it just fine.

Ok, I’ve also added support for footnotes and annotations. Here’s the new stylesheet :smiley:

EDIT: It turns out that the XHTML importer in OpenOffice has loads of issues, which makes it impossible to create a sound ODF document from XHTML… grrr