Opening Kindle book file with Scrivener

I am a Chinese to English literary translator, and am now working on building my translation work portfolio.

I would like to open a Kindle Chinese-language book which I purchased with Scrivener, select several chapters, and output them to PDF format, which I can then send to my publishing industry contacts.

Where are Kindle books stored on my Mac?
Can Scrivener open those files OK, or is there a conversion process needed?

Thank you!

Scrivener has no features for reading e-books, so it can’t do the conversion for you.

Assuming the ebook isn’t locked via DRM, there are plenty of hits on Google for “covert Kindle to Word”, which would likely be the best option for getting the text into a format that Scrivener can read. Scrivener can read (non-DRM) PDFs, but cannot edit them, if that’s an alternative format that you can get.

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