Opening new files in old version

I have an older version of scrivener, on my windows laptop
I prefer it to the newer one :woman_shrugging:
I’m wanting to put scrivener on my iPad now, but it’ll have to be the newer version I’m guessing
I’ve seen a lot about how the file names have changed and you have to update them, so my question is…
If I open my files in the newer version and ‘update’ them on my iPad, can I still access them on my laptop, or do I have to get an upgraded version of scrivener?

iOS Scrivener supports both the “old” and “new” project formats, but cannot convert between them.

If this is a Scrivener 3 project, you can use (Windows) Scrivener 3 to export in the older format. If it’s not, iOS Scrivener should be able to use it as is.