Opening pdfs in Scrivener

Supposedly one can open pdfs in Scrivener and view the pdf document in parallel with whatever work one is doing. How to do this?

The Scrivener for Windows manual says:

“14.3.2 Viewing PDFs
[New in 1.7] The PDF view is displayed when a PDF document is selected. You can
control the display of the PDF document via the controls provided at the bottom of
the editor, in the footer bar, and with the contextual menu.”

As so often with Scrivener’s manual, it’s hard to understand what is meant. “When a PDF document is selected”, it says. Selected how? Not, clearly, as in Windows, via File | Open. Not either via File | Import | File.

So how?

In the Mac version you simply drag the pdf into the Research section of Scrivener, where it becomes an item of itself, and to open it/view it, you simply click on it, just like you do to view different parts in the draft section.
Or you click on Research in the Binder, to make sure you are in the correct section in Scrivener, and then click on File-Import and import the pdf.

I bet it works in a similar way in the Windows version. :wink:

Have you gone through the interactive tutorial yet? Opening a PDF in a split view is one of the things it goes over specifically. And yes, this all works precisely the same in the Windows version. Selection is opening something, in Scrivener, there is no distinction between the two, as there is in Explorer.

OK, but how to select?

OK I get it. By “the interactive tutorial”, it seems you meant ‘An Introduction to Scrivener’.

I would add that Scrivener’s videos page specifically discourages Windows users from viewing them:

"Notice: This page contains information which primarily relates to the Macintosh version of the software. The content may make reference to features which have not yet been implemented in Windows, and so should not be used to determine the full feature set of the Windows version. "

It is true that once you get in to ‘An Introduction…’ you’re told that everything in it also applies to Windows, but to get to that stage you have to counter-intuitively ignore the warning that it probably won’t apply to Windows.

By Interactive Tutorial they mean the tutorial project available from the Getting Started section of the New Project window:

It is no different than in most other programs. You typically select things by clicking once on them, using modifiers to change the selection (such as Ctrl to add or remove individual items from a selection, and Shift to select ranges of items), or by click and drag around a group of items. Scrivener supports the former, more “Explorer” type selection. Selection is indicated by a highlight bar on the selected item(s).

The only major difference, of course, is that in Scrivener when you select something you are also immediately opening it in the main editor.

Sorry, my problem was that I didn’t realize that first you have to import the pdfs. There seems to be no selection tool which allows you to select pdfs which are elsewhere (i.e. not already imported into Scrivener). Which is why I asked how to do it.

With the ‘interactive tutorial’ issue, I’ve now discovered the link to this in ‘Help’. Great.