Opening projects created with Mac v. 2 with Win v.3


My 2011 Macbook is dying. I haven’t updated the operating system in ages because if I do, my version of Scrivener won’t work anymore. Alas, I have obtained a new PC for budgetary reasons. I downloaded version 3 for Windows, but I am not succeeding in opening any of my old projects (which include 1.25 novels) on the PC. Any tips? I have been attempting to open them from what I have saved in Dropbox, but they aren’t being recognized as Scrivener files (despite the .scriv extension).

After much time spent looking through forum archives, I haven’t come across this issue. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced it, but have failed to find help for it. If there’s somewhere else I should be looking, I am grateful for any information! I am not a computer person! This is probably obvious.

Many thanks!

Moved to Win Scrivener 3 beta forum. – Katherine

On the PC, which file are you trying to open?

I have the compiled zip folders of my two major projects in Dropbox. If I have Scrivener open, and I try to open the zip file, it says: “The file is not a Scrivener project file. Please, select a valid Scrivener project file.”

If I try to open it from my Dropbox folder, I can go into the zip file, and I’ve been trying to open the Scrivener Project, but then it says: “Location Access Error. Cannot access: ‘C/ . . . projecttitle.scrivx’ File is not writable: Access is denied. Auto-saves need write permission to your project.”

The second error is because Windows helpfully lets you browse inside a zip file, but it doesn’t actually unpack it. Try right-clicking on the .zip archive and select “extract all” or similar. The extracted copy will be the one that Scrivener can use.

Scrivener can’t open zip files. You need to do what rdale says: double-click the zip file to unzip it. Then you can open the project in Win Scriv by double-clicking the .scrivx file.

That was it! :smiley: Thank you so much!!!