opening projects tutorial

It may be just me, but the file and folder structure in the Windows version had me confused! I wasn’t sure what to click on to open a project, and so I was depending on “Recent projects” to find the right files. I ended up with a mess. :slight_smile:

I dug into it, and after I understood everything (at least I think I understand it) I wrote a tutorial on how to open an existing project:

I would love for everyone to check it out! Also, if I’m still confused about anything, let me know! I’d hate to lead other authors astray.

One note:

The folder extension is actually .scriv

.scrivx is the extension on the project file that you actually open.

Otherwise, looks good.

I just saw this! Thanks! All the little icons in my Windows File Explorer are hard to see. :confused:

I think I’ve got it more clear here:

[i]When you click on a folder — that has the familiar name from when you made the project — Scrivener won’t “open” it. Instead, you’ll be shown inside that “folder.” There you’ll see a list of 4 more items:


If your view is like mine, all those tiny icons are the same yellow color, and they look a lot alike. So it looks like all the items inside that folder are all the same, and none of them have the name you created on it. Well, given all the warnings not to mess with anything inside the Scrivener project folder, I was scared to click on anything!

The tip off is that one of those items inside the “folder” that has your project name, has an an extension like you’re used to seeing on the ends of documents or photos. That extension is “.scrivx.” This is your clue that this item is different from the other folders inside there. And if you go back to the original “folder” that had your Scrivener project name on it (the name you chose when you created the project) THAT folder has the extension “.scriv.”[/i]

Thank you!