Opening recent files

I have to shut down Scrivener completely to get it to open my second book. And it does not offer either of them in “Open Recents” and it doesn’t open them both when open the app. That’s fairly glitchy. I’m ready to go back to the old version.

Are the projects stored in Dropbox? If so, does moving them help?

Do they truly not open, or are they loaded, but hidden? (That is, can they be found via the Window menu?)


They are not hidden. What happens is I open the app, then there is nothing in the “open recents” and so I find the file, and click open, and then it doesn’t open the file until I click the app icon again. And then if I try to open the second book while the first is open, even when I click open on the file it doesn’t open, and I have to close down the whole app and do the first process to get it. Bizarre.

Found that Window that you were talking about. It hides there. And now the “recents” are showing up. Self-healing problems. :open_mouth:

All better, or are there remaining issues?