Opening rtf file in Google Drive?

I have scrivener setup with Google drive so I can access my writing from different PCs in my office and home. But I would really love to be able to write in the same files from my chromebook.

I know there’s no app or online version for this, but what would happen if I just opened the .rtf file in Google drive and started writing? I guess I’d have to hunt down the right file first, somehow, but… I dunno, maybe there’s another way to accomplish the same thing.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there and see if anyone else is doing this or something similar.


Having live Scrivener projects on Google Drive is not recommended. The only cloud drive L&L recommend is Dropbox.
If you manipulate individual files in a project using something else than Scrivener you risk corrupting the whole project.

If you for some reason want to work with your Scrivener project using some other app, use File - Sync - With external folder.

As lunk said, this is what the Sync with External Folder Feature is for.

Opening an RTF file inside a Scrivener project with another application is a bad idea. Google Drive is a particularly bad choice, since it will “helpfully” convert the file to its own native format, which Scrivener can’t read.