opening scratchpad from dock icon

I noticed the following difference between opening Scratchpad on my desktop (MacPro w/Snow Leopard) and my laptop (MBP w/Snow Leopard). When I control-click the Scrivener icon in the dock of my desktop I’m presented with buttons to open scratchpad or other options. When I control-click the Scrivener icon in the dock of my laptop I get the options button, but NO scratchpad button. What gives? Is this a bug? Shortcut (command-shift-return) works fine on both machines.

I can’t reproduce this, and the code for adding dock icons is so straightforward that it is just left to OS X to handle it:

- (NSMenu *)applicationDockMenu:(NSApplication *)sender
	NSMenu *menu = [[NSMenu alloc] initWithTitle:@"DockMenu"];
	NSMenuItem *item = [[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle:NSLocalizedString(@"Scratch Pad",nil)
	[menu addItem:item];
	[item release];
	return [menu autorelease];

OS X calls -applicationDockMenu: on Scrivener whenever it is going to show the Dock menu, and even without any programming knowledge you can see that Scrivener adds the Scratch Pad menu item whenever that gets called - so if it’s not appearing (and it works on all my machines) then I’m guessing it is OS X failing to ask Scrivener for the custom menu for some reason.

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Thanks, Keith.

In the process of speaking with the Apple support folks on this matter I learned that the problem I experienced was due to operator error. I generally leave Scrivener open on my desktop – closed on my laptop. Apple instructed me that right clicking the dock icon produces different responses when the app is open than when it’s closed (duh!). :blush:

Anyway, all is working as advertised w/r opening Scratchpad from the dock icon on both machines when Scrivener is open. Thought you might appreciate closure on this.


I much prefer bugs in the users to bugs in the program. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know, glad it wasn’t anything wrong after all.
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