Opening .scriv file created in OSX with Linux version

I’ve just started looking at Scrivener for Linux after using it on OSX for some time.

After completing one project, I dug out an old unfinished novel that was created in version 1.x of Scrivener, converted it to v2.0 and began work on it with OSX - No problem.

However, I can’t open this project on the Linux Beta, which has been sync’ed from my Mac to Linux box via Dropbox. When opening it, I get the following error :

[ 2157 ] “Unexpected tag on line 1. Expected tag ScrivenerProject” @ 1 0

I can open other projects that I’ve created on OSX and dropboxed across.

Any ideas?


I haven’t had any problems moving from OSX Scrivener 2.0 and linux/windows, but I know there were some issues from the first version. You might want to also ask this in the OSX and/or windows forums, as well.

Out of curiosity, in the project file, what does “versions.txt” say?

Thanks for the reply.

The contents of version.txt are simply, 16 - is that what I should expect?

Yeah, that’s right. Any luck with an answer on the other forums suggested?