Opening Scriver with Word already open

If I open Scrivner when Word 2007 is open I get the error message from Word that says "this file is in use by another application or user. (C:…\templates\normal.dotm) When I click OK or try to exit with the red X it gives me a “save as” box for the template. When I click “cancel” I’m given a full screen window that’s blank, except for the icons for full screen and X in the upper right hand corner. When I X out of it I’m prompted again, this time with a request to save the template. Clicking “no” finally closes the mess and I’m back to work.

I just updated to the latest version and the problem is still there.

This doesn’t cause any harm, but it’s pretty annoying.

This a known problem and should be fixed with the next update that is due soon.