Opening Windows projects from old Scrivener into new Scrivener (and interface with iPhone)

Hello, I’ve just updated to the new Scivener (3?) on my (Windows 10) laptop. Before I go and do something stupid, I would like to know:

  1. Am I able to open one of my old Scrivener projects using the new Scrivener?
  2. If I do that, should I make sure I don’t go back and use the old Scrivener to open that project again?
  3. Does my iPhone/iPad Scrivener app interact with the old or the new version of Scrivener? How do I direct it to the right one? And (perhaps my most urgent question) will I get into trouble now interchanging between the iPhone and new Windows Scrivener? (It’s my daily journal, and also my ideas notepad, with which I typically switch between the two devices, depending on where I am at the time.)

I’m syncing everything through Dropbox.


  1. Yes. Scrivener 3 will update your old project to the new format, making a backup before it does so.

  2. Scrivener 1 can’t open the Scrivener 3 format, so you won’t be able to go backward accidentally. Scrivener 3 can export the old format, so you can go back if you need to.

  3. Both. On the iOS Scrivener project screen, you’ll see “Project.scriv” and “Project backup.scriv.” The second is the old version. To further reduce confusion, you can move it out of the Dropbox folder.

You might also want to have a look at our upgrade guide, which is here:

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