openning an old scrivener project problem (please help)

hi there,

i was working on last trial beta version of scrivener that expired on 7 nov ,then i downloaded the other version NaNoWriMo. the project was workin first, but now im receiving a message saying that the project is incompatible with this version although it is the same extension.

is there any way how i can fix that!! i really need help, i dont want to repeat the whole work again.

thank you
my gratitude

Most likely this is a quick fix. First thing, make a copy of your project’s entire .scriv folder, just for safety’s sake. Then, try these steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, open your project’s .scriv folder, then open the Files folder
  2. Open the “version.txt” file there in a plain-text editor (e.g. Notepad)
  3. In the editor, select all, type “16” (no quotes), then save

Then try opening the project again in Scrivener.

it really works, thank you much