Opens Maximized

I am going through an editing phase on my book. I sent my editor a PDF copy of the book, to which she then added comments.

While editing I have the PDF version open on the right of the screen, and I want Scrivener open on the left. That way I can see both at the same time as I make changes. When I am done I close both. Note that at this time Scrivener only takes up the right hand side of my screen (not maximized).

However, Scrivener insists upon opening maximized. I have checked the shortcut and it is set to “Normal” window. I have tried to find an option in Scrivener which forces a maximized window.

How do I get Scrivener to open with the size is was at, when it was closed?

It should be remembering the window size of when it was closed. Is this only occurring with the one project? It could be something got buggy with the ui file for that project, in which case trashing it and then re-opening the project (automatically recreating it) might fix the problem. It would unfortunately cause you to lose all your interface settings for that project, however, so things like what the current group view mode is, the window layout, whether labels are shown in the binder, etc would all revert to default. If you want to try it, make a backup of the project first via File > Back Up > Back Up To… so if it doesn’t fix the problem you can just go back to what you had. You might also want to use View > Layout > Manage Layouts to save your current layout–if trashing the file does work, you can then try reapplying this saved layout to save some time resetting everything.

Then, with the project closed, open its .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and go into the Settings folder and drag out the ui.ini file. Reopen the project in Scrivener, adjust the window size, and then close and reopen again. If the size still isn’t correctly remembered, close the project again and move the ui.ini file back into the project’s Settings folder (overwriting the new one that was created) to restore the previous settings, since wiping them didn’t resolve this. If it does work, you can just reapply whatever interface changes got reverted or try reloading the saved layout from the Layout Manager.

If that doesn’t solve it, or if this is happening for all your projects, I’d check for any window management software on your machine that may be affecting how the projects are restored. You could try also booting in Safe Mode and opening and closing the project windows to see if this is occurs, since that will limit outside influences on the process.