OpenType and Preset Formatting

I’m learning that an OpenType font contains more than one typestyle as compared with previous font versions such as PostScript and TrueType. With these older versions, typestyles were separate, a font contained only one typestyle, and the name of that typestyle, e.g., Palatino Small Caps & Old Style Figures, was accessible through the menus and palettes of Scrivener. That easily permitted the formation of Preset Formats. Now with OpenType, small caps and old style figures are contained within the fonts called Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic and are not readily accessible.

Aside from using PopChar Pro or the Macintosh’s Keyboard Viewer, which would be tedious accessing one character at a time in small caps, let’s say, there must be a way in Scrivener to access those small caps as a style to build a Preset Format just as you would with PostScript and TrueType fonts and then be able to apply the Preset Format to selected text.

Can someone please help me learn how to deal with this issue of accessing typestyles from within OpenType fonts to help build Preset Formats in Scrivener?

Currently, I’m using Scrivener 2.0.5. The computer is a Mac G4, operating with OS X 10.5.8.

In the forum for Nisus Writer Express I was supplied the answers to my questions. I’ve tried the recommended procedures and they work in both Nisus Writer Express and Scrivener. Here’s the URL:

To access OpenType features, it is best to use the Typography palette, which you can access from the main font selection palette’s gear menu. This brings up a floating palette with all of the available options for that font. For example with Arno Pro, you can drop down the Letter Case section and select “Small capitals”.

This choice will be saved into the preset when you create it and applied automatically, without the palette, in the future. I think some of the features here have trouble “sticking” to presets—but I just tested small capitals and it works.